Epson printer is not printing

Why my Epson printer not printing

We are going to go through some basic steps why is Epson printer not printing for that we need to find out whether it is going to be software related issue or it is a hardware related issue.

Software could be driver issues, Print spooler error and stuff like that on the system and also compatibility and then hardware we have got the other type of issue which is hardware which could be a USB cable block spring, paper jam.

Sometime most tiniest bit of paper caught inside the feeder where it just won’t print make sure there’s no paper in there so there are few troubleshooting step which will help you to fix Epson printer problems.

But in case if your Epson printer not printing then i want you to check print spooler services.

Print Spooler Services

This is a very basic step for that you need to press windows+R or open Run box and type “services.msc” on it and then  search for print spooler.

Common issues that happens is the service is not running, now a days with Windows 10 a lots of people disabling services and stuff like that so you want to make sure the status is set to running and if it is running that means the service is running okay and that is really important because without this running you are not going to be able to print so also you want to make sure that it should be automatic.

print spooler error

Sometimes it may be on manual or disabled depending on your system so if it’s stopped and then click OK and you’ll see that there will be no service running and you won’t be out of print so we’re just going to double click on this make sure that set to automatic and click on start.

Epson printer is not printing

Make your printer as default

This is one of the easiest step .Go to control panel if you don’t know how? Just type control panel in search box of windows 10.

If you have windows 7 then click on windows icon and you will find search and type control panel after that >> Devices and printers >> Check whether your printer is listed there and you can also check little green tick i.e it is default or not if not make a right click on your printer and set as default.In case if your printer is not listed then you can add printer.

Check the compatibility

Check the compatibility of your printer whether it’s compatible with Windows 10 and especially if it is an older type printer it may not be compatible so you can check out on the website with the drivers and go to get the latest drivers.

Update drivers

If your Epson printer not printing it might be because of faulty drivers so here are the few steps by which you can update the printer drivers.

Go to device manager >> printer >> Make a right click and click on update driver software and then what we’re going to do is search okay so that scan is now finished if it says your drivers is up to date I will recommend you to uninstall and then reinstall it with a fresh new driver because they are may be corrupted.


Sometimes  printer problems easily resolved by troubleshooting. For that you need to go to devices and printers and find out your printer and make a right click on it and then you will find troubleshooting option then make a click on it and wait until scan will complete .

After that a new windows will comes up which tells you that what’s the actual problems in your printer, if it will be by print spooler or any other software then it will fix automatically but if it will be from hardware it gives you some error like USB not detected for some other hardware issues.After these troubleshooting step if Epson printer not printing go to final step.

Uninstall all the driver

This is the final step by which you can fix the printing problem of your Epson printer for that uninstall all the printer drivers which installed in your computer.

Go to control panel >> then go to programs >> then find out your printer drivers and uninstall one by one if all the drivers uninstalled then go to brand website for example if you have hp printer then go to hp website and go to printer section where you will find out list of printers select your printer and install the new drivers and hope your printer will work again

In case still your Epson printer not printing or if you are not tech savvy then I will highly recommend you to call us we have a team of certified technician who will fix your problem over the phone .

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Simon Baxter
Simon Baxter
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I had a issue with my Epson printer and i called them and they fix the problem in couple of minutes.If your Epson printer is not printing just call them and get instant solution.
Ginger Wedde
Ginger Wedde
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I Had a issue with my scanner and i talked with one of technician name Alan he was very good .He guided me some troubleshooting steps over the phone and the best part is the problem is fixed in just five minutes .I will highly recommend them to all my friends even if your Epson is not printing just call them
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